Looking to unlock potential equity in your land?

We can buy your land or develop it with you in partnership.

At Balfour Group we are passionate about partnering with land owners to develop outstanding projects. Whether its venture partners, private equity partners or you just want to sell your land, we would work collaboratively with you to produce an exceptional outcome.

We work with land owners who are looking to develop, that lack the capital, knowledge and experience to develop themselves.

Our expert knowledge, creativity and passion for property ensures the optimum financial outcome for each project. We are open, honest and execute everything we do with integrity.

We are flexible and can also enter an agreement whereby we deliver the project for a share of the profits.

I’d love to hear from you – give me a call.

Steve a’Beckett, Managing Director
0411 071 755


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"When selling my property to Balfour Group, I found the entire transaction incredibly easy. The team were respectful and accommodating at every step."
Liz Jeffrey

"The experience of selling my property to Balfour Group was extremely positive. They delayed settlement while I found a new property and kept me updated throughout the entire process from purchase through to settlement."
Greg Hardiman


“Our collaborations with Balfour Group always feel like we’re working with them, and not for them, at every stage of a project. They have an impressive commitment to delivering remarkable developments and we relish any opportunity to partner with them."
Rob Mills
One Adams St, South Yarra
"The dedication and experience of Balfour Group ensures our collaborations are always seamless. Their passion for every detail on a project is unmatched in this industry."
Paul Conrad, Conrad Architects
Horsburgh Grove
“In the years we’ve been working in partnership with Balfour Group, we’ve witnessed Steve and his team approach each individual project with extraordinary new vision, driven to consistently deliver superior design that is best in class."
Tim Jackson, JCB Architects
Abbott Street, Sandringham