Our Story

Commitment, quality and engaging
design defines who we are.

Balfour Group is a multi-faceted property development company founded in 1999 by Stephen a’Beckett.

We are committed to creating breathtaking developments that are best in their class.

Balfour Group has a strong commitment to corporate, social and environmental responsibility. This is demonstrated by prioritising excellence in architecture, embracing technical innovation and delivering long term, environmentally sustainable design solutions. These key elements are the cornerstones of our business philosophy.

We bring the economic objectives of our commercial activity firmly into alignment with our broader corporate, social and environmental responsibilities. We create tailor-made architectural solutions to complement the communities we build in, and take pride in delivering sustainable buildings which reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Underpinning that practice and business philosophy is a team of dedicated professionals and experts. Our team draws on exceptional knowledge and innovative thinking to deliver. The outcome is award winning, beautifully designed buildings that integrate harmoniously into their environments.

Our Team

Stephen a’Beckett,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Balfour Group, Stephen has over 30 years’ experience within the Australian building industry; specialising in the acquisition, planning, development and realisation of projects across the residential and commercial sectors.

Stephen is passionate about creating projects that contribute back to the community from both a design and sustainability perspective and hold their value in the long term. This unwavering commitment to excellence throughout the development process underpins the Balfour Group’s approach to business.

Our innovative team draws on an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise to ensure each project is delivered flawlessly.